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 SafeWater™ Anywhere G2 Personal Water Filters 

An innovative 24 oz. personal filter system with easy open "toggle-top" and pop-up drinking straw. All components are enhanced with the revolutionary antimicrobial HealthShield™ compound, which suppresses the growth of damaging bacteria, fungus, mildew and mold on the inside and outside surfaces of the reservoir, drinking tube and Pre-Filter. HealthShield™ antimicrobial action is guaranteed for the life of the product.

Large-mouth, top fill bottle allows you to easily get water from any lake, river or stream.

New, high-efficiency, disposable Pre-Filter removes 98% of sediment, sand, mud and algae above 10 microns. The Pre-Filter fits over the Primary Filter and substantially extends the life and efficiency of the Primary Filter. Depending on water turbidity, it will filter up to 25 gallons (over 100 refills).

Bacteriostatic Primary Filter prevents bacteria, mold and fungus from growing or blooming within the filter core itself.

The Primary Filter removes microorganisms including 99.9999% of E. coli and other bacteria and 99.98% of protozoa including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. It also removes 95%+ of VOCs, pesticides, herbicides and petroleum by-products leaving you with safe, odor free, great tasting water. The Primary Filter will filter over 100 days (50 to 60 gallons) of drinking water for an individual.

Easily reconfigured. Drink your filtered water through a straw or by tilting your head back and squeezing the bottle. The Primary Filter can be placed at the bottom or top of the bottle for the most comfortable drinking approach. All extension tubes, straws and components are treated with antimicrobial HealthShield™.

Screw-down top won't leak, and is compatible with all Nalgene™ wide-mouth bottles or bags.


Safewater Anywhere G2 Personal Water Filter (24oz.) - (Retail $44.95) - NO LONGER AVAILABLE
(FREE Backcountry First Aid Booklet with Purchase. Upon Request. One Per Order)

BP Advice 234x60

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Ozone Generator (Our Model Produces Negative Ions - No Nitrogen Oxides!)

Our unique Ozone Generator (portable air/water purifier) is lightweight and easy to move.  It is used to purify emergency storage water, spas, bath water, and pools.  Ozone kills all bacteria and viruses. Ozone kills infectious organisms in water 5000 times fasten than chlorine!  Unwanted odors and germs can be eliminated without chemicals.  Removes room odors produced by pets, cooking, smoking and other undesirables.

Ozone generator Specifications:  1 gram of ozone per hour; Produces negative ions; No nitrogen oxides; Specifications: 120 volts  AC .9 amps = 108 watts; Hi-tech, durable plastic cabinet; Unit dimensions: 7 ½ “H x 7 ½ “ W x 19” L;  Unit Weight: 8 lbs. (Shipping Weight: 14 lbs.)

[Note: Shipping for this item to US addresses is calculated online for US Priority Mail shipping.  If a lower cost shipping method is preferred, please call to order.]

Ozone Generator - (Retail $325.00.) - $300.00




 Sproutamo™ Easy Sprout 

The old ways of growing sprouts are slow, inconvenient and a bother. EASY-SPROUT™ changes that. Just 1-12 hours of soaking in warm water begins a growth process that is faster than most would believe possible.  EASY-SPROUT™ takes us off the rinsing treadmill and away from the drudgery. Thanks to its unique dual container design and efficient air flow system we can enjoy an always fresh sprouting environment and year-round success.  Use EASY-SPROUT™ and add vitality to your daily food. You'll love being creative with seeds, beans, grains & nuts.  Sprouting turns low cost of natural seeds into tiny dynamos of energy, rich in enzymes, minerals, vitamins and other important food values.  Sprouts are as varied as the seeds chosen for sprouting and are delicious in countless ways, raw or cooked.  Best of all, sprouting provides a money-saving "finger-tip garden" anywhere and anytime, without soil or sunshine.  Whether you're an old-timer at sprouting, or just getting started, you'll love the convenience of new EASY-SPROUT™

Sproutamo - Easy Sprout - (Retail $13.00) - OUT OF STOCK

Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds (1/4 Pound) - OUT OF STOCK

Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds (1/4 Pound) - OUT OF STOCK

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Sharper Image Design's™ Ionic Breeze® Quadra® Silent Air Purifier offers an array of compelling features that has made it an extremely popular product — silent operation; efficient air cleaning and odor reduction; no replacement filters; ultra-low energy use; and lightweight housing with an attractive, discreet profile; and continuous 24-7 cleaning. This efficient electrostatic air cleaner traps airborne irritants, allergens, on stainless steel collection blades — so there are no filters to replace, ever! The only maintenance is to occasionally slide out the blades and wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

FREE 5-year Replacement Guarantee:  expires 05/31/03  

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