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... more $avings with World Image Naturals, Inc.

World Image Naturals, Inc. is committed to providing you the highest quality products at the best possible price.  We believe it may be a waste of money to buy products such as: MSM Lotion, MSM Eye Drops, MSM Shampoo, MSM Conditioner, MSM Liquid and so on.  These products can be easily made by adding our MSM to the products that you already enjoy.  For example, you can add MSM powder or empty the content of capsules into  water and stir to create what some companies market as "MSM Liquid Supplement."  You can also add MSM into any hand and body lotion.  EFA Rich Calendula Hemp Oil Hand & Body Lotion is highly recommended!  (Click here to go to the lotions or MSM products list).

It's Easy and You SAVE!

[W.I.N., Inc. strives to find better ways in which to conduct business and at the same time pass savings on to you.]

It is our understanding that MSM lotion is not necessarily needed if one is taking MSM orally in powder or encapsulated powder form.  MSM (when taken internally) has been called an "internal cosmetic."  However, MSM may also be of great help for some individuals when applied to the external body.

For those who wish to use MSM lotion, it is quite easy to make.  Simply add MSM to your favorite body lotion.  A gram (1/4 teaspoon or the contents of two 500 mg. capsules) of MSM added to each application of lotion/oil should be sufficient.  [To prepare a whole bottle of MSM lotion, add MSM up to 15% of the total lotion volume.  For example, add 1.2 ounces (approx. 34g) of MSM to 8 ounces of your favorite lotion.]

[MSM can be mixed with Vitamin E oil or even water and applied directly to the skin.]

World Image Naturals, Inc. MSM - Methylsulfonylmethane - is the PUREST MSM available. 
Our MSM Products are Made in the USA!
Manufactured to ISO 9002 and in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices c-GMP.

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