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Water of Life Ionic MultiMineral Supplement

Multi-Mineral Supplement - Essential & Trace Minerals to Maintain Optimum Health

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Water of Life Mineral Supplement is the Safest and Purest Mineral Supplement Available!

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is produced using advanced technology and proprietary methods, utilizing the purest  minerals from fossilized kelp deposits, made by nature from underwater forests dating back eons.  This  prehistoric kelp is extremely mineral rich, and the starting point in the production of Water of Life Mineral Supplement.

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is a potent liquid concentrate of natural elements, of 4000 or more parts per million (ppm), containing 84 pure minerals in a water-soluble form.

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is a crystalloid (water-soluble) mineral supplement.   Unlike the recently  popular colloidal minerals, Water of Life Mineral Supplement is not metallic.  While colloidal minerals may or may not be plant-derived, they remain small metallic particles which can build up in the body and can potentially cause "heavy metal toxicity."  Colloidal mineral supplements are simply small metal particles (some with an appearance of coffee grounds) suspended in a liquid solution.  Moreover, plant-derived, colloidal minerals are most-likely bound with other matter, resulting in compounds and even larger particles.  Minerals from living plants are not the same as minerals from ancient plant-derived colloidal mineral deposits.  Minerals in those ancient deposits have understandably changed their composition and size over the centuries.  Colloidal minerals are not derived from living plants, nor are they bioavailable, water-soluble minerals!  While in some ways colloidal minerals may be better than the metallic minerals found in popular store-bought, supplements, they are also somewhat similar.  Colloidal minerals are simply smaller rocks suspended in water.  A true water-soluble mineral supplement has no flavor, and no visible particulate matter.  The mineral solution MUST be clear to be authentic!  [Note that colloidal mineral supplements can be extremely high in sodium.  Water of Life Mineral Supplement contains 0% sodium!]

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is truly ionic.  Water of Life Mineral Supplement is actually the ions of the minerals, not simply (compound) minerals suspended in ionized water like colloidal minerals supplements.  The ions in Water of Life Mineral Supplement are about the size of an angstrom (about one million times smaller than a micron or one ten-billionth of a meter).  Colloidal minerals are usually one micron or larger in size (multiplied millions of times larger than a human cell).  A micron is millions of times too large for proper cell osmosis.  Thus large, colloidal, particles could possibly remain in the bloodstream and accumulate.  Because Water of Life Mineral Supplement is water-soluble, its ionic minerals may freely move throughout the body and unused particles are safely discharged from the body.  [WarningColloidal minerals can be poisonous if above an angstrom in size.  Water of Life Mineral Supplement is a safe and effective means of absorbing minerals the way they are meant to be.]

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is full of the essential and trace minerals necessary to maintain optimum health.  Without supplementation, these minerals may not be obtained due to the depletion of minerals in some soils and foods grown with some artificial fertilizers which restrict plants from absorbing these precious and vital nutrients from the soil.

Water of Life Mineral Supplement contains no artificial color! No unpleasant taste! No fragrance!  No  artificial additives!   No preservatives!  No sodium or fat! 

Water of Life Mineral Supplement is suitable for vegetarians and is hypo-allergenic!

  • smaller than an angstrom!
  • highest absorbability available!
  • no toxic buildup!
  • for internal and external use!
  • ozonated!
  • bioavailable now - direct to bloodstream*

*Minerals from plants must be digested in the stomach.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.  Please consult your nutritionally oriented, health care provider before using any supplements.

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